The Linden Woods Community Association (LWCA) was incorporated in 1990 pursuant to the Manitoba Corporations Act. The stated purpose of the Community Association is: 

To promote a positive identity for the Linden Woods Community

To develop community spirit by the implementation of recreation, leisure, and environmental programs for the benefit of the residents of the Community

To act as a liaison between the Community and various levels of government

To act as a liaison between the Community and other organizations

To act as a united voice on matters of concern to the members of the community 

Since its inception, the Community Association has been very active in developing programs, activities, and events for the residents of Linden Woods, the most significant of which was persuading the City of Winnipeg and the Victoria Community Centre (our designated community centre at the time) to build a recreational facility within Linden Woods. Probably of equal importance was the development of our community newsletter, Linden Words, which is now in its fifteenth publication year.

Ongoing activities which have been developed over the years include the annual Christmas Craft Sale, the Linden Lights competition, Santa and the Wonderland Gang Christmas party, Come Wine With Us adult social, the curling Funspiel, and the community-wide Garage Sale. New in 2004, which we hope will be ongoing, are the Citizens On Patrol Program and the Linden Woods Run/Walk.

Other activities in past years, many of which ran for several years, include car rally, bike & blade rally, wine tasting, country fair, children's movie nights.

The constitution and by-laws of the Linden Woods Community Association were first proclaimed into force on November 26, 1990. Subsequent amendments were made in 1998, 1999, and 2006 to modify the structure of the Board, to change the fiscal year end, and to modify the quorum requirements. To see the the current version, click here.

The Linden Woods Community Association is governed by the same Board as the Linden Woods Community Centre as of March 2007. 

The logo used on this web site was officially launched with the September 2004 issue of Linden Words. It was designed by Franciso Guarderas, a long-time resident of Linden Woods, who responded to our request for ideas for a new logo. It is symbolic of many things about Linden Woods (balls, trees, parks) and has a flexibility that permits use by all community organizations - Community Association, Community Foundation, and Community Centre. The logo is the property of the Linden Woods Community Association. Permission to use it should be obtained from the LWCA Board.

​The Linden Woods Community Foundation (LWCF) is a registered charity, incorporated in 1992 pursuant to the Manitoba Corporations Act. It works with the Linden Woods Community Association and the Linden Woods Community Centre to serve the residents of Linden Woods.

The purpose of the Foundation, as stated in the Articles of Incorporation is: 

To solicit and receive donations, gifts, and/or bequests to invest same and to fund qualified donees withing the meaning of the Income Tax Act of Canada for the purposes of fostering and supporting the operation, acquisition, conduct, maintenance and management without pecuniary gain of projects for encouraging and establishing educational, scholarship and research programs, cultural, artistic, architectural and recreational programs and health and housing programs for the promotion of the mental, moral, ohysical and social well being and development of all of the residents of the area of Winnipeg commonly known as Linden Woods and all those who may benefit thereby without discrimination as to age, sex, race, creed, colour, nationality or place of origin and in furtherance of such purpose, to acquire by purchase, lease, devise, gift and otherwise, title to any lands, buildings, easements or property, both real and personal of any description which may be used in connection therewith.

If, upon the winding up or dissolution of the Foundation, there remains any undisbursed property, the Articles of Incorporation provide for the transfer of such assets to the Winnipeg Foundation.

The Foundation is governed by the Board of Directors of the Linden Woods Community Centre.

The Foundation played a pivotal role in raising funds for the construction of the community centre in Linden Woods. There was a door-to-door canvass in 1995 throughout Linden Woods which raised approximately $100,000 and another one in 1998 which raised an additional $13,000.

Director of Fund Raising 

The Director of Fund Raising shall be responsible for the planning, implementation, and co-ordination of all fund raising activities approved by the Board; maintain  charitable donation receipt books on behalf of the Linden Woods Community Foundation.


Director of Special Events 

The Director of Special Events shall be responsible for the planning, implementation, and co-ordination of special events or activities approved by the Board.


Director of Seniors’ Issues  

The Director of Seniors’ Issues shall serve the interests of the senior members of the Community.

Judy Tozeland

Director of House and Grounds 

The Director of House and Grounds shall oversee, and make recommendations pertaining to, the operation of the buildings and grounds of the Centre; co-ordinate future site developments; control the issuing of keys to the Centre.

​Peter Hucal

Director of Hall Rentals 

The Director of Hall Rentals shall be responsible for co-ordinating bookings; ensure that all City of Winnipeg regulations pertaining to rentals are adhered to; control the issuing of keys to the facilities to rental groups.


Director of Sports  

The Director(s) of Sports shall oversee the sports and recreational activities at the Centre.

Mini Soccer Convenor  

Sherri Pinkerton I

Youth Soccer Convenor I Vacant

Basketball I Vacant

Hockey I Vacant

Members at Large 

Duties shall be assigned by the Board.

Greg Steidl

Municipal, Provincial, and Federal Government Representatives

City Councillor I River Heights / Fort Garry 

John Orlikow I

MP   Winnipeg South 

Jim Carr

About LWCC 

The Linden Woods Community Centre (LWCC) is one of many community centres that operate within the City of Winnipeg, under the governance of the General Council of Winnipeg Community Centres, or GCWCC. The LWCC's purpose is to provide innovative and useful programs for residents of the Linden Woods area. 

The Board of Directors

The Constitution of the LWCC provides for several roles. Each Board Member is asked to attend 10 monthly board meetings a year. Regular meetings of the Board are generally held at 7:00 PM on the third Wednesday of each month, except July, August, and December. Because of space limitations at the community centre, meetings are often held off-site during the winter months. All meetings are open, and residents are welcome to attend but it is advisable to contact a Board member to confirm the location. ​

The following is a brief description of each position...

General Manager

 (204) 487-2435 I


The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Centre.

Grant Boak

Past President

The Past President shall normally serve as an advisor to the Board, be the Chairperson of the Nominating Committee, and provide services as required.

Tej Bhatia

Vice President 

 In the absence of the President, the performance of the President’s duties and powers shall be delegated to the Vice President.  Other duties will be as defined by the Board.




 The Secretary shall ensure the proper recording of the minutes of all meetings of the Board and issue notice of all such meetings; ensure that copies of  any minutes and other related Centre business are kept in a minute book or in files; organize and assemble the necessary reports required for the Annual General Meeting; maintain a roster of Board members.

​Asitha Gajaweera


The Treasurer shall ensure that the financial activities of the Centre are properly recorded; present a financial report at all regular meetings of the Board and the Annual General Meeting; present a budget to the Board; be one signing officer for bank and other financial documents;submit financial reports to the City of Winnipeg as required; other duties as may be assigned by the Board.

Erin Harms

Director of Communication  

The Director of Communications shall be responsible for the preparation and distribution of a newsletter to the residents of the Community; oversee the Centre’s  web site.

Kristianne Dechant