Annual Events​

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Linden Woods Community Centre (LWCC),     and The Linden Woods Foundation (LWCF) will be held at the Linden Woods Community Centre.

All the residents of the Linden Woods area are eligible to participate and are invited to attend the meeting.

Date: March  TBA  2017

Time: 1 pm

Children's Christmas Party 

On Sunday December 4th 2016 from 1pm - 3pm the Linden Woods Community Centre will be hosting our Annual Children’s Christmas Party! Come join us to celebrate the season with crafts, treats and a visit from Santa. This event is open to all Linden Woods residents. 

To attend, you must pre-register by emailing no later than November 30th.  Don't forget to include your children's names, ages and gender. 

For more information please call Debbie Bergen at 204-479-5904

​Linden Lights

Date: December 14th to December 20th

Linden Lights 2014…..and the Winners are... The Best Themed Street is Penguin Way on Lindenshore Drive.  The Winner for the Best Decorated House is 125 Shorecrest Drive.  This year is the24th Anniversary of Linden Lights.  Judging for the contest was held on Wednesday, December 17.  The Judges for this year were Jay Bu -President of Square Meter Realty, Jason Floyde - Manager of Scotiabank at Linden Ridge, and our City Councilor John Orlikow.  Lot’s of fun and laughter filled the drive even thought the choices got harder and harder. Applause to the Judges’ family (Jordyn, Camryn & Cynthia Floyde,Wayne Bu, Nora Fan and MingJie Fan for their input and makes the decisioneasier.  Cheers to all the households who participated and Congratulations to the Winners!  Appreciation goes to our long term dedicated Sponsors: Dr. Les Rykiss of Linden MarketDental Centre, Kenaston Boston Pizza and Linden Ridge Scotiabank.  A big THANK YOU to Steven Hao and Allen Wongfor helping to coordinate a delightful event this year.  Linden Woods has always known for our themed streets during this time of the year.  The glitters and shines on the houses light up the Holiday Spirit with lots of joys.  The prize for this year’s winning house is a Family Dinner at Kenaston Boston Pizza. Good job to Linden Woods residents for making this the 24th year of Linden Lights.  

For more information please contact Nikki Lam at

​Linden Woods Community Wide  Garage Sale

                                            RAIN OR SHINE!!!!

This year’s Linden Woods wide Garage Sales has scheduled for Saturday, June 3, 2017,  9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Announcement will be placed on the Winnipeg Sun, Free Press, Local Community Papers, websites and radio stations to inform visitors.
It is anticipated this community wide event will generate high levels of interest and traffic.  So if you’re planning a garage sale in Linden Woods this is the time to do it! 
For further information call Nikki Lam at 985-6436 x 4201  or .

Note: This event is not held at the Community Centre

Mini Soccer Jamboree

For more information please contact Sherri Pinkerton    

Date: Thursday  June-22-2016

Time: 5:30 to 7:30pm