Only Lindenwoods residents may register through the Lindenwoods Community Centre.

Please register before the deadline! March 15, Late fees will apply. Late registrants will be transferred to other community clubs if our team is already full. 

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Jr NBA  5-7yr boys and girls
Games: No
Practice: once a week
Equipment provided: Yes
Volunteer Coaches: Yes
Registration: Centralized -will provide link for website $160 per child

3 Sessions

Jr NBA Tuesday 5:00pm - Lindenwoods Community Centre
Jr NBA Tuesday 6:00pm - Lindenwoods Community Centre

Jan - March
April - June

Coaches and volunteers are always needed to help with the program. Please consider helping your child's team.

For more information on the JR NBA please contact or 204-925-5774 or Visit

SNYB 8 Boys 8/9 Girls​   Cost $240.00


The SNYB program teaches children the fundamental skills of basketball, using equipment and a game that have been modified to suit the needs and abilities of young children.  SNYB in the WMBA is designed for the 8 Boys 8/9 Girls year old player, taking into account the distinct mental, physical and social differences between the children at different ages. Players will practice 1 time a week and 1-2 games per week. 


Community Club 9-18  Cost $240.00


What is Community Club Basketball?

The WMBA’s main program offered is its Community Club Basketball League (a.k.a. Club Basketball).  The Fall / Winter and Spring league is open to boys and girls ages 9-18 (10 girls).  There are no ‘tryouts’ for club basketball as we make as many teams in the area based on the number of players who register. 

We offer both a Fall / Winter league which runs October through March and a Spring League from April to June.  The Club league holds its games weekends (traditionally teams ages 12 and under play Saturdays and ages 13+ run Sundays) along with one practice during the weeknights.

The WMBA is a city-wide league, so teams will be competing against other teams from around the city.  We attempt to keep games in a central location fair to all teams in the program.  Age divisions are set roughly every 1 to 2 years.  We are always looking for people to get involved at the league level as either a coach or an administrator.

Fall/Winter League

Age divisions as of 2017 birth year
Runs October 28/29 - March 17/18
18 Regular season games
Division: 8 Boys 8/9 Girls
Game play: 8 boys and 8-9 girls play 3on3 full court on smaller modified court

Spring League

Age divisions as of 2018 birth year
Runs Saturday's April 8 - June 17
10 regular season games
Division: 8 Boys 8/9 Girls
Game play: 8 boys and 8-9 girls play 3on3 full court on smaller modified court. 

OPENS March 2018