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Gym Rental Policy


$ 55.00 / Hour  +GST

Occasional Rentals 

All rentals must be paid in full prior to rental and have a rental contract signed. 

If pre-booked, a credit card is required to hold time. 

Seasonal Rentals 

Time will be invoiced monthly. Statements sent out by e-mail only. 

Prime time slots, Monday to Sunday 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm. 

Weekend bookings for Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 6pm or larger time block events will have the following conditions: 

• Weekends and week days in school breaks may be booked for tournaments/camps in advance. 

• All time is considered on hold only until guaranteed (paid in full) by the renter. 

• During this time the time slot may be marketed. 

• If another party is interested in the time, the original organization has the option to guarantee the rental or give up the time. 

• A 30 day notice is required for a cancelation. No charges will apply. 

• Cancellations with less than 30 days’ notice will be invoiced in full for the time. 

• Any time rented during this cancellation by LWCC would be credited back on the monthly statement to a maxim of the rental value. 

Week night prime time rentals 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm: 

• All cancellations must be submitted 2 weeks prior to rental date. 

• If cancelled less than 2 weeks prior a full charge will be invoiced. If the time slot can be rented you will not be invoiced for the time. 

• All time slots for 2015/16 will be made available to renters using that time slot in 2014/15. 

• All renters will receive the first choice on any long-term time slots that may open due to a cancellation. 

Conditions of Rental 

All groups must respect the rights of the before and after renters. 

Your group must exit the gym no later than your booked time. 

• Garbage left behind by your group must be cleaned up. 

• Any water spilt from water bottles must be addresses with staff ASAP. If a person slips and hurts them self your group may be held responsible. 

• All efforts must be taken not to create damage to the floor or equipment at all times. 

LWCC can terminate the rental at any time if these conditions are not followed.

Please refer to our cancelation policy.